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Hair Growth | Grooming | Nourishing | Stimulating | Herbal Tea | Hair Rinse


Try our nourishing and stimulating hair growth tea and rinse. Great for the crown protection and healthy hair growth!


Simply sip for a detoxifying cleanse or pour over hair for a stimulating hair treatment aimed to promote hair growth while reducing shedding with yummy smelling natural ingredients.


This blend was created to strengthen and nourish the scalp and hair shaft while stimulating growth. It’s as simple as pouring it over your freshly washed and conditioned hair.

Better Hair Care | Energizing Hair Tea & Rinse

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  • Our tea blend was designed to promote hair growth, decrease scalp inflammation, heal scalp issues/ wounds, reduce dandruff plus more.

    Developed by a certified herbalist, RoW’s ingredients are not chosen by random but studied to ensure superior quality and proper usage.

    Each pouch contains 60 servings. We recommend up to 3 cups daily to drink and an unlimited amount of rinses per week.

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