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Ready. Set. Launch!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

And here we go.

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Once upon a time, not long ago. When people wore pajamas and lived life slow. Just kidding. Welcome to my blog!! I am excited to finally launch my wellness blog, a blog themed specifically around our plant allies, my journey into herbalism as well as my product line Toussaint Tinctures.

Toussaint Tinctures Aromatherapy Apothecary

"Where Nature and Luxury Merge."

A plant-based, exotic bath and luxury spa line with an emphasis on body and spirit wellness. My intention is to nurture through using aromatherapy and plant herbs as medicine. All made with love to heal the body & spirit while promoting both self-love & devotion.


2018 was a beast of a year in the best way and 2019 already looks promising. I have so much I want to share with you but let me give you some background first. My name is Lea Tutu and I am the proprietress and apotheke of Toussaint Tinctures Aromatherapy Apothecary. I am a performance artist, instuctor, choreographer, dancer, stylist, herbalist and healer. I decided to launch my blog so that it can be a resource for information on not only my products and plant allies but also, my discoveries and revelations along this healing journey. I have a strong desire to spread the good word as it is revealed to me as a means to help those who need the guidance. I don't want to give too much a way too soon so I'll start from my arrival to NYC and how I came to be and herbalist.

Hello, New York!

I began to take an interest in alternative wellness when I first moved to NYC after a dear childhood friend took me under her wing in the new city and began to take notice at how my body responded differently in various living environments. I knew something was off, so I started to search for alternative methods for healthcare and wellness practices determined not to allow my genetic makeup or life experiences to dictate my quality of life.

Our Product Launch at Drom November 2017

Stay Focused

I finally began to see a future outside of 9-5 job.

I tried, under the suggestion of my vegan friend, different options but, it wasn't until 2017 when I truly began to make some head way and began to see a future outside of 9-5 job. After years of talking to vegans, yogis and other spiritually lead individuals things started to click, but I still felt an emptiness and longing. My day job and romantic life had me on pins and needles and the self-care and self-love movement were in full swing so, I dove right in beginning with essential oils. 

Get Inspired

After attending a workshop, one I curated for my performance community, I started to research DIY basic products like linen spray and bath salts, soon after came milkbaths and body scrubs all of which were christmas, bridal and "just because" gifts for my friends. Becoming more invested in herbalism I began to purchase books and enrolled in live and online classes to studio under herbalists who have studied worldwide. And I'm still just beginning. I now have a catalogue of herbal extracts, elixirs, teas and syrups, chest rubs, throat sprays, healing salves, smudge kits, body butters, massage oil, facial steams/serums/toners, mineral and detox baths all plant based and heart-centered.

What's unique about my apothecary is the spiritual intention through my Christian spiritual practice I incorporate when creating, and the attention to detail I have with each item which includes the packaging. Every product is prepared and packaged in a way that even when you are purchasing for yourself it is like giving yourself a little gift. That's why I call my boutique "The Little Shop of Indulgences" and the apothecary tagline is "Where Nature and Luxury Merge". I truly believe even the small details matter and can make a world of difference in your mind and body. Receiving "spirit medicine" in a beautiful package makes taking it that much sweeter. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about me and it piques your interest to know more about my journey and products. I encourage you to visit my websites to learn more about me and my artistic ventures and of course my boutique for all your self-care, bath and wellness needs.

Also, don't forget to sign-up for my newsletter to stay in the loop on all the tincture and artistic happenings including free giveaways.

Until next time, be well.

Love and light,

Lea Tutu

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Sheena House
Sheena House
28. Jan. 2019

Love Review

In a fast paced industry, it can be difficult to take the time out that’s needed for rest and rejuvenation. Self care is so important in the entertainment industry and beauty is a highlight of the industry. With Toussaint Tinctures’ Kaolin Clay Milk Bath I felt so relaxed. My skin felt refreshed and smooth. Thank you Toussaint Tinctures for your amazing products made out of love!

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