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Tis' the Season of Change

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Happy Fall Yall!

The hot weather has finally broken, and the cool breeze and crunching of the fallen leaves have begun. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for all the obvious colorful and cozy reasons. As we move into the new season we must prepare for the changing colors and cold weather with more than just our favorite cozy sweaters and lace-up boots but also making the necessary adjustments our body requires to stay healthy. Let's begin with our favorite fall herbs at Toussaint Tinctures.

Upstate New York at an Apple Orchard

Nourishing and Restorative Herbs

Here's a few of our favorite everyday herbs and we will tell you why. These herbs are full of vitamins, minerals and restorative qualities that help to keep you healthy and nourished and some even emotionally supports you through daily life and in times of adversity. I don’t this genstation has faced more adversity in its lifetime than we have in a single year! We could all use some nourishment and restoration.

Here are my recommendations:

(Oats)traw & milky oat tops

the plant that give us oatmeal. This plant supports the digestive, circulatory and nervous symptoms with its vitamins, emmolient and other magical qualities

Stinging Nettles A nutrienet dense kidney tonic herb that supports boundaries and facing your fears without being further traumatized. This herb also helps with allergies and heart health.

Red Raspberry (leaf) Womb tonic great for women at every stage of their life and reproductive cycle. Vitamin rich and astringent with a delightful taste the herb also provides protection from giving to much of yourself away which is why it is such a great herb for women.

Dandelion Liver support herb that is also vitamin rich and helps you to find your voice. Dandelion helps to release anger while also staying grounded in the most challenging moments. This is the herb or resilience and truth speaking.

Marshmallow a great ally to the digestive and respiratory systems. its soothing demulcent qualities coats the tissues and linings and helps to restore what has suffered damaged.

Adaptogens and Nervines

You may ask “what is an Adaptogen herb?” Well I’m glad you asked. According to, adaptogenic herbs help restore overall balance and strengthen the functioning of the body as a whole without impacting the balance of any individual organ or bodily system. “Adaptogens facilitate these changes through a wide range of actions and plant energetics, rather than through one specific action.” Sounds like a bunch of hoopla, right? Well, the simpler way to put it is Adaptogens help the body around a problem that is caused by or exacerbated by stress. And the only people that aren’t stressed in today’s society are toddlers so, everyone needs an adaptogen in their daily routine. Nervines are another group of herbs which suppprrt as you may have guessed the nervous system. Now way would you want to use both? Well, nervines focus on the immediate issue at hand and are often taken as a challenge appears whereas Adaptogens help you to address and avoid the future challenges. Adaptogens are viewed as “preventative” for long-term use. Nervines are a “help me deal to my family during this holiday season without blowing a gasket.” Got it?

Another distinct difference is adaptogens support the immune system, energy levels and some even specialize in heart, digestive and brain function.

Two awesome adaptogen herbs to take to support optimal health year round are astragalus root or reishi mushroom. But there are many others that with a little digging can support you exactly how you need.

Here are two short lists for both herb types


Ashwagandha - sexual health centered

Holy Basil(Tulsi) - nerve / respiratory centered

Gotu Kola - mental focus

Hawthorn - heart centered

Shatavari - sexual health centered

Reishi mushroom - immunity centered

Astragalus - immunity building centered

Schisandra - energy / vitality centered


Oatstraw - nutritive/ trauma/grief support

Lemonbalm - depression / anxiety calming & nuturing

Chamomile - calming/ nourishing sleep support

Lavender - calming/protecting sleep support

Peppermint - uplifting/protecting calming/ focus

Spearmint (really any mint) - same

Rose- heart opening/protecting, relaxing, sensual

Kitchen Herbs as Medicine

Did you know echinacea is on the United Plant Savers “at risk” list?

There are a number of herbs that support our bodies, but most people automatically assume echinacea is the top choice of herbalists which isn't exactly true. Now although it is has many great properties this herb is at risk of becoming endangered due to overharvesting and inefficient use. What you probably didn’t know is Echinacea actually is an herb that should only be used at the on set of a cold and only for about a week! But are there any other plants that can help you the echinacea does? I’m glad you asked because YES there is! What you can use instead of echinacea is raw garlic. I know sounds bazaar but, garlic is immune boosting and a natural antibiotic as well as has anti-microbial and expectorant, which is fancy for pushing out phlegm and other mucus yuckiness.

But thats not all, other amazing and accessible herbs to support your immune, respiratory and digestive systems are rosemary, oregano and thyme. Yup, those beautiful aromatic herbs that dress your savory holiday dishes are actually helping you to stay healthy. The trick is to buy them FRESH or from your local apothecary to ensure they still have medicinal qualities in tact. But there’s no need to buy a new cookbook to learn how to use these herbs. You only have to infuse and steep them with water and drink! Also adding raw honey enhaces the flavor and the properties since honey has its own medicinal properties it brings to the party.

More kitchen herbs you can incorporate for your health remembering fresh is BEST are





Garden Sage


Cayene pepper


Raw Onion(especially red and green)

Fresh dandelion leaf added to greens and salad

Burdock Root

Lemon & its peel

Orange & its peel

Check out the apothecary for wellness support

We are happy and eager to support your wellness journey. The apothecary has spa, Yoni, spiritual and balance promoting medicines available for you. And if you have questions or want some custome made just send us a note!

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To learn more about herbs visit the Ingredients section of our blog Apothecary and Spa Store. To purchase products visit If you have questions or would like a consultation email me at


~Lea Afia

Information offered on Toussaint Tinctures websites is for educational purposes only. Toussaint Tinctures makes neither medical claim, nor intends to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Links to external sites are for informational purposes only. Toussaint Tinctures neither endorses them nor is in any way responsible for their content. Readers must do their own research concerning the safety, contraindications and usage of any herbs or supplements.

References : Herbal Alchemist Handbook, K.Harrison; The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, S.Cunningham; Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Healing; Medical Herbalism, J.Ritchason N.D.; The Little Herb Book.



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