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Vaginal Steaming, an Ancient Self-Care Ritual

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Introducing our new mobile spa & wellness service

Spring is around the corner and so is the yearly tradition of spring cleaning. What better way to start this year’s “spring cleaning” than to do a spring steam with Sacred Waters Steam Therapy by Toussaint Tinctures certified vaginal steam practitioner, Lea Afia Tutu. Recently certified by the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute founded by master steamer Keli Garza and Kris GonzalezI, her certification has given her full knowledge of the proper ways to facilitate basic steam plans for individuals based on their menstrual cycle. But before we get into that let’s talk a bit about the unknown phenomenon of perineal steaming a.k.a. vaginal steaming. 

a self-care ritual practiced by ancient and indigenous cultures all over the world

What is vaginal steaming you may ask. It is a self-care ritual practiced by ancient and indigenous cultures all over the world to aid women during their post-partum period, and in some cultures to address issues apart from pregnancy to assist with sexual wellness and comfort. And is still used today in those cultures. However, steaming was introduced in the U.S. around 2013 via Steamy Chick, Tikkun Spa and later began to trend after Gwyneth Paltrow post praise.

Demystify the Steam

Vaginal steaming is the act of taking plant herbs and boiling them in water to create a medicinal tea that you later sit over using a special chair or position to utilize the prepared steam bath. The steam then rises and enters the body through the vagina and begins the process of loosening debris while simultaneously distributing the medicinal properties from the plants into the tissues of the vagina, cervix and uterus. Steaming can address a variety of issues from menstrual cramps, PMS, bacterial and yeast infections, cysts, fibroids, irregular discharge, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, fertility, uterine and rectal prolapse, vaginal and urethra toning and much more. Emotionally, steaming can also aid in healing emotional scars when paired with other therapies surrounding sexual abuse, emotional disconnection from one's body, and many other degrees of emotional wellness women may experience and would like to dispel concerning their bodies and sexual health practices. It is strongly encouraged to practice steaming for emotional healing in conjunction with seeing a therapist or professional in the area of mental/ emotional health in order to receive optimal results. View link to learn more on V-steam research

Why Sacred Waters Steam Therapy?

It's time to honor your yoni!

Why Sacred Waters Steam Therapy? Our service provides an at home experience where after you finish your session you don't have to worry about getting dressed and driving or worse taking public transportation home. You can take a nap or just continue to Zen out and prepare to continue or end your day as you wish.

We engage all of your senses

Another unique aspect of our service is we provide a FIVE senses experience meaning that by the time you have finished your session you will have had all five senses stimulated over the course of your steam session. Now how amazing does that sound??

Sacred Waters Goddess Steam Herbs

Balanced to perfection.

Are you a pro V-steamer and have your own sacred vaginal steam ritual? Well, try our multi-functional herbal blends. Our blends are balanced and address a variety of sexual health concerns by incorporating key properties such as cleansing, disinfecting, blood building, detoxifying, cooling, moisturizing, digestion and lengthening cycles for users who experience moon cycles that are 27 days or less. If you would like to become a DIY- steamer but need support on getting started then book a DIY consultation and we will get you steaming in no time.

Spring Steaming Sale

Now's your chance to start your self-care ritual and for a STEAL! We are offering vaginal steams sessions at the introductory price of $30!!! What this means is you can book a Sacred steam session and we will come to your home and set-up a private steam session in the comfort of your sacred space. *Promotional pricing may end at any time.*

Want to learn more or book a service? Visit our site today. Click here.



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