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Flower Essence | Energetic Medicine 

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Flower essences are liquid energetic preparations. At their core they help persons to stabilize emotionally in order promote healthy choice, possibility and motivated creation.


Red Clover (Soul Remediator)- I live freely. My breath has purpose.


Blue Vervain (Herb of Grace and Joy)- I am aligned and fluid. My heart is enchanted.


Echinacea (Purify my aura)- I am purely me. My energy is protected.


Mugwort (Dream and visionary)- I see clearly. I manifest divine truth & love.

Spirit2Spirit Flower Essences

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  • Our essences arrive in blue glass bottles the dropper meant to be taken orally is 1/2 oz. and the spray was created as a mist is 1oz. Directions included on each bottle.

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