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Lea Afia at Volta River, Ghana

Meet Lea Afia

Meet Lea Afia



Lea Afia is the proprietress and spiritual herbalist of holistic wellness company Rites of Wellness, LLC. (formerly known as Toussaint Tinctures Apothecary),  Little Love Affairs (Mobile) Boutique, and founder of Rites of Wellness Herbal Arts Academy.

She was called to healing early in life and has been intuitively inclined about health, wellness and community since childhood. After earning her bachelor’s degree in the Biological Sciences, she adopted sensual movement and herbalism as her primary self-care practices and before long became a student at The Herbal Academy, a certified vaginal steam practitioner via the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and a graduate of Sacred Vibes Spiritual Herbalism  Apprenticeship. She is quite passionate about healing work and answered the calling beginning with her own healing journey. Through her wellness studies, sensual movement and healing art practices she continues to follow her heart

The Little Love Affairs Boutique offers uniquely beautiful trinkets and finds and the heart-centered plant medicines of our apothecary. Her aim is to bring you a piece of sunshine and to encourage clients to have a self-indulgent love affair. Which is why she fondly refers to the shop as "The Little Shop of Indulgences". Rites of Wellness, LLC. (RoW), availabe at Little Love Affairs Boutique, is an herbal apothecary, academy, holisyic provider and altogether a practice using ancestral and contemporary technologies to cultivate a sense of renewal and transformation in a person’s physical health, emotional growth and spiritual awareness. It is her intention to nurture through using aromatherapy, plants, hydrotherapy, movement and grandmother wisdoms as medicine to restore balance to the spirit, mind and body. 

So, with much love and encouragement from friends and family, she is pleased to share the holistic wellness company and subsidaries, Rites of Wellness, LLC., Little Love Affairs Boutique online and pop-up shop, RoW Movement RitesRoW Herbal Arts Academy  and RoW Reproductive Rites & Doula Services. 

in pursuing all things that invites joy and pleasure. Lea is more inspired than ever by her own journey to empower others to adopt their own self-love, healing rites and the REdiscovery of their life's purpose. As an advocate for community healing, she also is a proud member of Herbalists without Borders, United Plant Savers and the American Herbalist Guild and continues to support many efforts and initiatives in the name of Civil Rights and Health & Food Justice.

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