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Thank you for visiting my website. I would like to give you a little BTS peek of the medicine making process at Toussaint Tinctures Apothecary/ Little Love Affairs Boutique. I will be sharing with you the sacred ritual of making my blue vervain flower essence under the moon.

First you might be wondering, what is a flower essence exactly. 

Flower essences are liquid energetic preparations. At their core they help persons to stabilize emotionally in order promote healthy choice, possibility and motivated creation. Sounds amazing right? Well, it's true. There was a medical doctor named Dr. Edward Bach who officially studied, documented and published the emotional and physical benefits of flower essences, bringing them into mainstream healthcare of his time. They are an indigenous healing practice and ritual that is still practiced by indigenous cultures and post Bach "alternative medicine" practitioners worldwide.

When I began the study spiritual herbalism, I learned more of the energetics and spiritual aspects of the plant world and how much they are our allies and teachers in health, personal growth, wisdom and co-habitation with other people and species. Okay! Now let's to the ritual of blue vervain moon essence ritual.

Here's the story.

"On the eve  of the full moon I went to the meadow and sat with joy. I did not get to sit as long as I would've liked but I did make it worth while. I meditated and then offered her a dance to our song. I felt enchanted. I felt light. Though I was deeply mourning the loss of my uncle, I felt lighter than I had in days. I asked Joy for permission and watered her after I plucked while thanking her with a curtsy. I shimmied home and waited for the midnight full moon in Pisces.


I smoke cleansed the room with sage and began to meditate over what "Joy" means to me.

I prepared the vessel  after the moon reached the full phase. I wrote and spoke affirmations into the vessel, water and flowers. I walked outside and set the bowl in direct moon light on a white stand for 4.5 hours.

I felt so empowered by the ritual and so connected to spirit it was unreal. At 5am I strained, measured and bottled the mother essence adding in brandy to preserve it and labeled it with affirmations."

I recommend using flower essences intuitively and intentionally. Meaning if you are facing a challenge then start taking the essence 2-3 times per day while whispering these mantras as you administer the medicine. I suggest finishing the bottle once you begin or you can cease when you feel the shift you desire has come to pass.

Suggested Mantras. Feel free to intuitively create your own should you desire.

For Blue Vervain: 

I have grace. 

I am peace.

I am aligned and fluid.

My heart is enchanted.

For Red Clover:

I live freely.

My breath has purpose.

For Echinacea:

I am purely me, my own person.

My energy is protected.

I hope you enjoyed reading my medicine making story as it has become a full mind and body experience that I hope everyone who use our medicines get to experience. Remember, despite western or colonized living Rome was no built in a day so be gentle and patient with your self and others on your journeys of healing, wellness and liberating fulfillment.

~Lea Afia

Disclaimer:*For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your healthcare provider.

Image of making Blue Vervain flower essence

Making Blue Vervain Moon Essence

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