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Womb Oil | Herbal Oil | Pelvic Massage| Womb Health

2 oz


Reproductive Rites Femme Health brought to you by Rites of Wellness. What is womb care and why is it important you ask?

The womb is the center of the universe it is the center of where life begins. Despite the societal stigma against the menstrual cycle and overall reproductive health, the womb and reproductive system as a whole impacts whole body health for the female bodied including vitality, and general well being.

Sacred Goddess Womb Oil | Reproductive Rites

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  • A sensual and fiery blend of oils an botanicals to help with stagnation in the sacral and heart system of the physical and spiritual bodies.


    Active Ingredients

    Mugwort, Calendula, Violet, Yarrow, Damiana, Red clover, sesame oil, castor oil,  and fiery essential oils to help with stagnation with in the womb, lymphatic and breast tissues.

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