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Anointing | Cleansing | Crown Chakra

2oz. only


Experience the exquisite aroma and healing qualities of our cleansing, meditation and prayer tools. Sacred tools for balancing the chakras and enhancing your practices.


Sacred Nsuo(Water)

A personal botanical aide and anointing water that cools the mind and refreshes the spirit. Use as a mist on your crown, neck, face or full body to quickly reset HOT energy. Excellent for summer and signs under the Sun, Mars and Pluto.

This product works well to groom the hair, to moisturize scalp and even for pain reduction when applied to affected area. Its great for rubbing the temple of your head to reduce migraine headache and joint pain.

Sacred Nsuo Anointing Waters

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    This anointing water cools a hot head, the overthinker and jaded spirits and those with complaints of the head/crown and 7th chakra. Its rumored aid Seers and clairvoyant people of pesky headache spells. It cleanses and protects your energy and uplifts. A great refresher for hot weather climates when you need a quick cool down. If in need of a full body plunge try our 5oz and add it to your bath as a spiritual bath. A mix of herbs, botanical waters & spirits.

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