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Lip Balm | Lotion Bar | Perfume Solid | Natural | Organic | Moisturizing



Have a Little Summer year round with our new seashell salves. Imported from the Phillipines and filled by hand by Lea Afia with nature's cure. Guaranteed to keep you moisturized from face to feet! keep in your purse or an unbeknownst decoration for your bathroom shelf.Each one arrived in its unique shell. Shell size, style and color may vary according to availability.


Seashell shipment takes time to receive so when we sell out it'll be 2-3 weeks before the listing renews. In other words LIMITED SUPPLY!

Seashell Salves & Lip balm

PrixÀ partir de 15,00$
Hors TVA

    Regular Lip Balm- Mojito Summer - Lime and Coconut

    Lotion Bar- Island Rose - Rose and tropical scented oils

    Perfume Solid - Oceans & Rivers

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