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New to our Showgirl Essentials product line are our Shimmer Oil and Shimmer Lotions. Get ready to shimmer and shine under the spotlight!

Showgirl Essentials Shimmer Oil & Lotion

PrecioDesde $15.00
IVA excluido
  •  Our Shimmer Oils are herbal infusions made with grape seed oil & olive oil blend mixed with apricot kernel oil, Mica shimmer and Essentials oil blends. 

    We currently have two scents available the uplifting citrus gold with earthy notes and the sensual bronze with spicy notes to rouse the inner feline in you.


    Our Shimmer Lotion is available for a LIMITED TIME Only. It is a a blend of natural and essential oils, butters, and of course bringing in the shimmer is the Iridescent Mica element.


    This product is shelf stable when stored away from direct sunlight in an airtight container.

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