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Now available are our newly launched Mini Travel packs featuring Showgirl Essentials products and Wanderlust travel tincture!

 Available in TWO styles


 Showgirl Shimmer pack: 1 - Boob Butter(skin healing salve) & 1 - 1oz Shimmer oil (Citrus Gold)


Wanderlust Pack : 1  Boob Butter(skin healing salve) & 1 - 15ml Wanderlust tincture

Mini Travel Sets

PrixÀ partir de 22,00$
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  • Boob Butter - our signature calendula flower skin healing salve (also sold separately in the spa section) 

    Shimmer Oils- an herb infused Grape Seed oil & Olive oil blend mixed with Apricot Kernel oil, Mica shimmer Essentials oil blends. This travel pack features the Citrus Gold style with earthy notes, very uplifting!

    Wanderlust Elixir- Try the adaptogenic and nervine terrific blend to support your days, weeks and months on the road with our superstar. Say goodbye to stage fright, anxiety induced by exhaustion and restlessness and hello to strength, stamina, joy and desire!   Ingredients: Schisandra, Rhiodola, Holy Basil, Gotu Kola, Eleuthero root, Brandy.

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