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Presenting Black Burlesque as Resistance.  Burlesque is a live performance art defined as strip tease. It has existed for more than a century and often believed to have been reserved for white women and men, but indeed has pioneers and fore mothers whose roots reflect Black and Indigenous People of Color around the world. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of Performers of Color in burlesque all of which who perform for personal reasons, but the most common mission is representation.


This collection of Black Burlesque and Pin up Art is a representation of my journey and African culture. I hope you purchase and enjoy the images of Black beauty and resilience.  To learn more and Performers of Color in Burlesque visit The Noire Hall of FameEbony Magazine on Black BurlesqueBlack Burlesque Global Directory, and Heritage of current Black Burlesque Performers.

Tutu Toussaint | Old Hollywood | 4x6

IVA excluido
  • Includes autograph and a personalized message.

    Inspired by Pearls Daily

    Photo by Pearls Daily


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