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Reproductive Rites
Reproductive Health Support & Doula Services

Rites of Wellness Spiritual Herbalist & company owner, Lea Afia is a certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner of the The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and Birth Doula via the National Black Doulas Association.  Paired with plant and ancestral healing wisdoms she offers Reproductive Rites as a resource where female bodied people to receive support in their walks thru the biological and metaphysical stages of wombhood.  The reproductive system specifically in female bodied people impacts the health, vitality, and general well being of the entire body. From puberty to menopause including the birth rites of pregnancy and the transition into parenthood it is our mission to acknowledge and honor the each stage and rite of passage of wombhood.


Our vaginal steam services allow you to book a home session with us where we bring the steam set-up to you in your sacred space. You can also book us for your girl’s night, pamper parties and wellness events.  And for pregnant/soon to be parents we can support you the way only a doula can.

But let’s talk a bit about steaming and what that really means.  

Why steam your vagina you ask? The womb is the center of the universe it is the center of where life begins. Despite the societal stigma against the menstrual cycle and overall women’s health, the womb and reproductive system as a whole impacts a woman’s entire health body, vitality, and general well being. Enter the vaginal steam. 

As a vaginal steam practitioner and herbalist we are able to guide you and your body back balance. With proper education and womb wellness practices you can begin to reclaim your life and stop dreading moon and your uniquely beautiful biology. Wanna get started Book a session or consult today.



































What is a Birth Doula?

In short a birth doula is a non-medical practitioner who joins the birth team and becomes an advocate for the family, a guide for the parent(s) to be and a spiritual and provides emotional and spiritual support throughout this amazing rite of passage. A doula can be many a thing but the greatest role is that of spiritual and emotional support and all it entails. Imagine having an on-call bestie with a grandmother's wisdom. That is what you can hope for in a doula.

At Rites of Wellness, we are offering sliding scale doula services to BIPOC families. This is a limited time offer.

Wanna learn more? Book a free consultation.

Reproductive Rites

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